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Atlas Touring STE Ultra Premium iSUP

Atlas Touring STE Ultra Premium iSUP

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Introducing the Sea Titan Exclusive (STE) Paddleboard Line

Experience the ultra-premium paddleboarding experience with these one-of-a-kind iSUPs made with advanced materials and exclusive technology. Crafted for enthusiasts and pioneers, each board in this line reflects a commitment to innovation and quality. Sea Titan Exclusive (STE) boards are made with high-end TPU and engineered fabric plus our exclusive manufacturing techniques. 

Crowdfunding Stage

Production for this paddleboard line starts after we hit our funding goal of 250 sales of any STE board.

If interested, buy ASAP for faster delivery for everyone. The materials are expensive and must be purchased in bulk to mass produce so we can't start production until crowdfunding goals are met. 

Materials and Construction

-TPU Instead of PVC: Our boards feature high-hardness thick TPU layers that are eco-friendly, more durable, and lighter than traditional PVC.

Engineered Fabric Core: Pairing TPU with cheap fabric like polyester creates weak bonds and a low quality board that is too wobbly. Pairing high quality TPU with high quality engineered fabric creates a board that is rigid and well balanced. This fabric core is designed to provide excellent strength-to-weight ratio, dimensional stability, and shock resistance.

- TPU Unified Composite Shell Technology (T-UCST): Fusion and bonding of TPU layers to the fabric core. We've adjusted the pressure and temperatures from the old UCST process to be compatible with the unique TPU properties.  

- X Woven Fabric: The fabric core is two woven layers that are connected by threads in a crisscross [X] pattern. This technique enhances the board's stability and balance by distributing weight and force more evenly across the surface. The woven construction also improves the board's rigidity and structural integrity, as the interlocking fibers help maintain the board's shape under pressure.

Digital Preview

*This is a digital preview. Real life version will have slight modifications and finishing touches implemented. Finishing touches include logo integration, side designs, and any other small adjustments that improve the overall look.

One Year Trial

You have one full year to decide!

Special Crowdfunding Stage Perk: Besides the 30 days free returns, you can try the STE board for one year for only $350! If you don't 100% love it, then we'll buy it back with a $350 buyback fee. We'll pay you whatever price you paid minus $350 USD. Terms: The board has to be in good conditions and our SUP care instructions must be followed for the buy back to be eligible. Rough shape boards might still be accepted with a higher fee. US & Canada only, must be the original crowdfund stage buyer with proof of purchase. 

Accessories Included

Upgraded accessories package is included with every STE board:

  • Full carbon paddle.
  • Custom designed backpack with wheels
  • Repair kit
  • Triple-action manual pump
  • Safety leash
  • Touring Fin
  • Shoulder carry strap


TPU combined with the engineered fabric produces stronger, smoother, and faster boards.

- Max Pressure: 20 PSI
- Recommended Pressure: 14-17 PSI


14' x 32": 26 lbs
14’ ” x 28″: 22 lbs
12’6″ x 30″: 20 lbs

Carrying Capacity*:

14' x 32": 310 lbs
14’ x 28″: 250 lbs 
12’6″ x 30″: 250 lbs 

*Plus/minus 10%

Features not shown on the digital preview:

- Kayak seat compatible 
- Storage space at top and bottom
- Choice of the new split fin box or regular US fin box

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