Content Hunter Promotion

Receive a partial or full refund for your purchase for submitting content!

To check your eligibility and for the application link, please contact

Only one board per customer.

To submit your content:

1. Send an email to using the email you placed your order from.

2. Include your order number.

3. Attach the content or upload to a file sharing service


- For orders placed after April 1st, 2024, submission deadline is 180 days after your delivery date (not the order date). The faster you submit your content, the faster you'll receive the full refund!
- The content will be posted on our social media profiles and possibly used in ads or on our website.
- If requested, we can tag your profile on our posts or ads.
- Drone footage or interesting content has a 2x payout.
- The board should be recognizable in the content, but it doesn't have to be the main focus.
- You don't have to show your face if you're camera shy.
- Almost everything is accepted as a content piece unless it's blurry, bad angles, or confusing. 
- You shouldn't spend too much time on this. We need quantity so don't worry about it being perfect or super interesting.  
- You don't need to do any editing, our graphics team will take care of it
- You can check your balance or request an early payout by emailing